KC Da Rookee back in the Studio with Help from Nottingham Producers

KC Da Rookee produced some fire last weekend while recording at Moroni 7 Records in-house studio, in Sherwood Nottingham.
Vocals were laid down for 3 tracks, 1 being produced by DJ Fever and the other 2 being produced by Jay Brown; both are talented local producers from Nottingham as well.
The first 2 tracks are some inspiring Hip Hop pieces, with the third being something you may not expect from the Rap heavy weight. The whole session was filled with great talent and a great atmosphere.


Here is a brief quote from KC;
“Was recording some new tracks by DJ Fever and Jay Brown. Just getting back in the studio and trying to get some new songs done.
Feeling good, feeling the vibe, good summer, excited to be recording again.”

If you want to hear some KC’s music now, then follow the link for his New Album ‘Chosen’ or visit his website at: www.kcdarookee.co.uk

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