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Hello Friends, Family, and All who love good music,

Moroni 7 Records is an Independent Record Label focussed on producing and promoting positive conscious music.

Challan Carmichael

Over the past 15 years I have been in and around the music industry in various roles either a performer, managing an act or a supporter. It is fair to say that I have developed a great love of good wholesome good music and like most of us I can get caught by a catchy hook or a great beat and if it sounds right, I can really enjoy it. I know that music is a gift, and as a gift it has great power, to do both good and bad. We may not always readily recognise it but music can have a significant impact on the way we act or behave, on how we think, and most definitely on our emotional state. If we are in a downtrodden mood it can pick us up, if we are stressed out it can help us to relax, if we want to get into the zone, it can help focus our determination; if we are heartbroken it can console us and if we want to be inspired, well yes, it can certainly do that. Music has the power to capture our imagination, to evoke feelings of joy and happiness, to invite the spirit of revelation and understanding and to open our eyes to a whole new world. But the thing is, sometimes we really have to listen to music, not just hear it, but really listen. It may at times be blatantly clear what the music is about and other times, we have to take our time, listen to the lyrics, listen to the words, listen to the tones and the emotions and let the music sink deep into our soul. And this is why it is so important that we not only listen to good music but that we take time to produce good wholesome music as it can affect our soul and our state of mind.

In today’s world we have access to a wide range of music at our finger tips, through the various gadgets and media devices we have an exhaustive and yet limitless supply. As this is the case we can very quickly flick the switch and fill our ears with something we want to listen to from our personal collections, or just tune into one of the many media stations, be it TV, radio or online, we can listen to the latest releases or old time classics and favourites.


Music if used in the right way can have a great and powerful influence for good; it can inspire the human mind, influence choices for good and help bring awareness to good causes and the like. But as with most things there is an opposite and equally so this is the case with music, it can be a force for evil, can lull the senses, pacify the spirit and blind the mind.

In reality though, whether good or bad or ugly, music will touch us in one way or another.

Here at Moroni 7 Records, we have drawn our line in the sand, we choose to bring good, positive and conscious music, we hope to raise the standard, we hope to be inspiring, uplifting and we hope that you give us the opportunity and support our efforts.

We live in challenging times and this is a challenging world, with every trial and challenge placed before us we have the chance to make our choice, to choose our path, to decide which side of the line we stand on, and to act according the dictates of our heart and mind. Not responding because of fear but working according to faith.

My name is Challan Carmichael, I am the CEO of Moroni 7 Records. I believe in God, and he has taught me much through the example of His Son Jesus Christ, without whom none of this would be at all possible. My thoughts are my pure, my motives honourable.

Let me introduce you to our first artist my good friend and associate KC Da Rookee, he is a man with great potential, potential for good, striving continually do better and be better. He is a Father, he is a Hip Hop artist, he is enlightened and it is my privilege and honour to present him under the Moroni 7 Records Label. His returning album and first gambit into the UK music scene is called Chosen, authentic Hip Hop.


And so it is, the battle has been raging a long time and there be many that have gone before, as did Moroni, we are bringing our banner and hoisting it aloft, He was a great General and a humble servant, we look to the great Generals  of the past and to our Commander in Chief to steer us as we prepare to blaze a path on this journey, if you would like to join our ranks, lend you support, help in any way, then please do, email us, send us a message on Facebook or contact any way you know how.

We are here and we are ready.

The time for change is now upon us, our thoughts are pure, and we see clearly the path laid before our feet, we move forward with one mind, one hope and one purpose, unified in our endeavours.


Our message is simple. It is time to do good, fight the good fight, with courage, honour and integrity.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you and any support you can give.

And as said Moroni “…. I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because you see not, for you receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.”

Yours truly

Challan Carmichael


Moroni 7 Records


Twitter: #challanc

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