Two Apprentices Join Moroni 7 Records Team

Great news! We’re pleased to announce that two new Apprentices have recently started at Moroni 7 Records in our Digital Marketing and Social Media sector; Kate Adams and Luqmáán Chaudry.

Kate and Luqmaan 1

Kate and Luqmáán will be completing their Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media and have been progressing well since starting here at the label.

Their Apprenticeship entails all types of work in and around Social Media, for now including Twitter and Facebook. Their skills, developed from College and growing up in this digital age, have given them a talent to work around Social Media with efficiency and a deeper understanding than most.

kate and luq (2)

We are extremely happy to have them on board, they will be mentored and support by Challan Carmichael, KC Da Rookee and Jack Sawyer.
We are hoping that they will complete great work on our latest projects; the preparation and development of awareness for the Challan Carmichael project, and support with KC Da Rookee.

K L and C (1)

Don’t forget to support Challan Carmichael by contacting him on Social Media sites TwitterFacebook , Instagram or Myspace.
Challan appreciates all messages and comments, and you can get the latest exciting news on the developments for his Début Album.

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