Rap artist KC Da Rookee held a motivational rap work-shop at Djanogly City Academy, aimed to inspire pupils to fulfil their potential.

Instead of an afternoon assembly, the year elevens were treated to some positive words of encouragement and a live performance from the Nottingham born rapper.

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    KC Da Rookee

KC Da Rookee, who was brought up in Top Valley, told the students that listening to positive lyrics will help inspire them to ‘chase their goals and follow their talent’.

He said: “Talking to young people is the most important thing that I do in my career and it’s great to come here and potentially inspire.

“I think it’s like watering a plant. That person can then grow and then they can go on and inspire others, it’s a snowball effect.”

KC and his record label, Moroni Seven Records, are focused on delivering positive music that inspires teenagers to nurture their talents.

Beverley Malpass, 29, who is the head of year 11, organised the event and she thinks these talks can only make a positive impact on her pupils.

She said: “I have a lot of students in my year group that are very much into music and rapping and I believe having a nice positive influence here will be good for them.”

“Rookee did grow up in Nottingham and came from a broken home so it’s not unrealistic for the pupils to think they can do the same thing and do something great.”

Haseen Kamal, 15, a pupil at the school, is an aspiring rapper and she was particularly inspired by the workshop.

She is applying for a place at Confetti, a specialist music college, for when she finishes school.

She said: “Our school doesn’t normally do this and people usually put me down because of my rapping but this session has inspired me, I just wanted to grab the microphone and rap.

“I come from a tough background but I can’t see why I can’t achieve what KC Da Rookee has.

“I love rapping about real things that affect us, and not about cars, girls and whatever. I write about the important things that are happening out there which people need to think about.

“I’m going to work hard to get as far as I can and I’m not backing down. I write lyrics every day.”

KC De Rookee was pleasantly surprised to see her enthusiasm, especially after she performed a rap shortly after the session had finished.

“That was priceless. Words can’t explain what that means. I could go to sleep right now as my day’s done.

“That girl coming up to me and performing a rap is what it’s all about. Positivity is contagious, I know that,” added Rookee.

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