KC Da Rookee & Challan Carmichael Visit ContinU Plus Academy

Moroni 7 Record’s KC Da Rookee and Challan Carmichael just visited ContinU Plus Academy in Kidderminster, to perform an assembly on music and positivity, as well as a master class on lyric writing by KC Da Rookee.

They were welcomed to the school by Karen Griffiths and the pupils of the academy, and we would like to thank them for their enthusiasm and hospitality.

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KC comments; “Loved talking to the young people and enjoyed listening to their hopes and dreams when visiting the science lab after the performance; can’t wait to come back next year.”

ContinU Plus Academy Photos (20)

Challan continues to say; “This was a great visit and it was good to mix with the students of ContinU. The teachers were just as entertaining as the students and KC conducted a great assembly.”

ContinU Plus Academy Photos (7)

Great work Laura, for organising the visit. And thanks to Jack for coming along and helping out.

If you would like to arrange a school visit with Moroni 7 Records, please get in contact Laura via email at; info@moroni7.co.uk.

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