Children Help Record Bridge Vocals for Challan Carmichael’s New Song

Challan Carmichael was back in the booth recently at the in-house studio of Moroni 7 Records, accompanied by 6 children, to record additional vocals for the bridge of a track for his debut album.

Challan mentions;
“When I was out in Germany recently, recording this track and speaking with the producer Klimper Boy. We were extremely pleased at how the children vocals sat on the chorus. With both Alex Prince and myself leading the vocals, it makes for an impressive mix.
We then decided that if we record additional vocals from the children for the bridge it would lead really well into the final chorus. So we got the children back in the studio for a second session.”

He follows on to say; “Sometimes when recording tracks you can be eager to get the finished result but it is always very important to fine tune the development of the track as it can take on a life of its own as it grows. So if it means going back in the studio and doing it again to make improvements, then it must be done.”


After previously recording the chorus for the track, the children were already familiar and up to speed with what they were to perform; and extremely excited to get back into the studio again.
Seeing the vocals laid down in no time at all and the results that were produced, it is clear that there are some talented young stars growing up in Nottingham.

Again, a huge thank you to the children involved; it was an excellent day with amazing results!


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