Challan Carmichael Project Almost Complete

After a year and a half, Challan Carmichael, is in the final stages of completing his debut album. Over the past two years Challan has been flying to Germany on an almost monthly basis working extremely hard with three producers, who have a fantastic production sound, which has helped Challan to develop his unique style of music. You may be aware that we have been gradually releasing information about his exciting project. In the coming weeks and months, we will be announcing the team behind his journey and launching his website with snippets from his dance repertoire as well as, the first taste of his debut single.

We are excited to announce at this stage that the final studio sessions in Germany will be captured with a behind the scenes documentary. This film will give you an insight into the recording process and team as they have developed in the final stages.

The music industry is always full of challenges and getting music heard by the right people with the right interest can take time and a lot of dedicated effort. This effort has been matched by the diligence Challan has applied in ensuring that his album is complete and well structured.

March/April Mixing and Mastering Finalised.

March/April Video Documentary Filmed

March/April Photoshoot

March/April Website Launch

March/April Dance Snippets Filmed

With 2015 being cited by Music critics as the year for Nottingham’s Talent to shine, the year and a half long project has been filled with ups and downs but Step-By-Step and Day-By-Day Challan’s continuous graft looks like it’s almost paid off.


The weekend of 27th Feburary, Challan flew back from the studio in Germany to work on the other final preparations of the album before the release of his debut single. After  working with super producers like Klimper Boy, Paul Nza, Lars Mellow and amazing artists like Alex Prince for his album, Challan will be working with his team over here in England, on his Album Cover, Website, Social Platforms and Artistic Performances with multi-award winning Choreographer and Video Director: Supple Nam.

With the excitement, energy and passion from Challan and the entire team, the excitement for the tracks to be mastered is uncontainable and as a ‘Thank You’ to those who have been patiently waiting, Challan will be flying back to Hamburg to film a behind-the-scenes video with an exclusive off the album bonus track.


We thank you for your continued support and interest :)

  Challan appreciates all messages and comments, and you can get the latest exciting news on the developments on his projects.

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