Challan Carmichael Nationwide UK School Tour
We are pleased to announce that we are kicking of the 2016 “Step by Step” early starting December to bring in the New Year best as possible.
Step by Step
Step by Step Remix
Heads Up, Stand Tall
Hear My Voice
Promised Land
Challan Carmichael will be traveling to schools across the UK over the next 5 months , if you would like him to preform your school please get in touch.
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  1. ANOYMOUS says:

    As you may know
    we are everything we’re nothing
    We are the eyes of the blind
    We are the voice of the silent
    We do not forgive we do not forget
    We are anonymous

    We as a whole think Challen’s cause is a wonderful one and even though we have no identity we personally believe that this positive music is what the world needs more of so while we may be known as some of the most dangerous people on the planet we think more children should have positive thoughts so make sure you continue your cause.

    P.S we have many accounts to send emails from so don’t be alarmed if a similar message is sent to you from a different email address.

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