Challan Carmichael Has Finished Recording His Debut Album

Last weekend Challan Carmichael was in Hamburg, Germany. Completing the last song on his debut album, recording with singers Alex and Benshn and producer Klimper Boy. Challan is really excited about this track as it continues to follow the theme of positivity and inspirational lyrics, that will open up the next chapter in his exciting journey.

Recording complete – Mixing complete – Now onto the mastering.

On this trip Challan was accompanied by Artistic Director and Choreographer: Supple Nam who is currently shooting a behind-the-scenes online documentary broadcasting Challan’s journey so far.

With the album now complete, the documentary will give a great insight into the journey, Challan Carmichael has taken over the past two years. Stay tuned for the first installment. We’ll let you know soon as it’s ready to be broadcast.


 On the way back to the UK, whilst shooting the documentary, Challan met Divya. A dance teacher in Hanover, Germany. Challan gave her an exclusive first listen to the mixed down version of his debut single ‘Step-By-Step’.

This was a bit daunting for Challan, to go up to a total stranger and ask for their opinion on his track. Later Divya said “Try to do something everyday that actually scares you” Challan comments “You never know what the outcome may be” :)

Divya gets an exclusive listen to #StepByStep

Divya gets an exclusive listen to #StepByStep

“As I am a dancer, my foot started tapping as soon as the beat started off, and in my mind I could see my kids from the dance school, dancing to the song (an exact choreography). I’d say Challan manged to win me over with Step By Step, because I could actually “see” the song becoming alive while hearing it for the first time! That’s a sign for a good musician! Thumbs up!”


– Divya Anjali

Divya and Challan

Divya recieves the fist ever play of #StepByStep


Divya will be featured in the Challan Carmichael documentary alongside Supple Nam, Alex Prince,  Benshn Asrare, Klimper Boy and many others .

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